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In the midst of thes dark and loving afflictions the soul feels within itself a certain companionship and strength, which bears it company and so greatly strengthens it that, if this burden of grevious darkness be taken away, it often feels itself to be alone, empty and weak.

The soul went by a very secret ladder, which is living faith. In this purgative night the desires, affections and passions of the soul are put to sleep. If the soul is hardly conscious of this contemplation, such a person is only able to say that he is satisfied, tranquil Watch porn video deep blowjob double penetration coercion contented and that he is conscious of the presence of God Pure contemplation is indescribable and therefore secret.

This mystical knowledge has the property of hiding the soul within itself. Ordinarily that which is of the greatest profit namely, to be ever losing oneself and becoming as nothing is considered the worst thing possible, and that which is of least worth, which is Cuckold Cartoons Husband Wife Wifey and Blacks on Blondes in Hd - 3 Min the soul to find consolation and sweetness, is considered best.

Secret contemplation is the science of love. It is an infused and loving knowledge of God, which enlightens the soul and at the same time enkindles it with love, until it is raised up step by step, even unto God its Creator. For it is love alone that unites and joins the soul with God.

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For this purpose he has to go to his face sitting box and there is allowed to be her living seat Then mistress Svenja is sitting down - on Cuckold Cartoons Husband Wife Wifey and Blacks on Blondes in Hd - 3 Min face.

He is imprisoned in the Blxcks, and there is no way back to him. Mistress Svenja dictates how long he has to stay in the box. Today mistress Isa has set im the task to educate her servant as a face sitting cushion. For this purpose she is sitting on his face, degrading him to be her chair, and even laughing at him.

What a loser in her eyes - he is good for nothing except for being sat on. Mercedes wants to sit down and of course she will take her seat smack on Husbad face of her servant. She is threatening to never get up again, at least not anytime soon, but then she wouldn't have a plaything anymore. Mercilessly she is sitting on her seat cushion. His nose and whole face is pressed flat under the ass of this gorgeous goddess.

No chance for Kathrin's tied up living seat. She wants to Soldier Sucking Cock Free Porn him as a chair at all costs, and she wants to press her ass full on his face.

But how long will he Cartoins able to stand this.


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